ATOM Artist Profile - Barefoot Servants

Barefoot Servants Return With A Vengeance... Releasing Barefoot Servants 2, The Bands First New CD In 11 Years

No matter what type of music you listen to or where in the world you live, you've probably heard or seen one or another of the Barefoot Servants. Individually (and collectively as Barefoot Servants) Jon Butcher, Ben Schultz, Leland Sklar and Neal Wilkinson have provided music and music production for some of the worlds most important and notable artists. In their roles as producers, touring musicians, song writers, recording artists and composers, Barefoot Servants have been involved with artists and projects such as... Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Crosby Stills & Nash, Don Henley, Phil Collins, Belinda Carlisle, BB King, James Taylor, Mike + The Mechanics, Cher, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Joe Cocker, Randy Newman, American Idol, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hughleys, and HBO’s Deadwood.

The Servants were formed in 1993 as an idea hatched by guitarists Jon Butcher and Ben Schultz. Having been introduced to legendary bass player Lee Sklar by a mutual friend, the studio veterans (along with session drummer Ray Brinker) began recording their debut CD, Barefoot Servants, at Capitol Records Studio A in Hollywood, CA. The CD was released in 1994 to critical and commercial success.

Having completed one US tour in support of the first CD, life intervened and the Servants became the victims of their own individual success. The individual members of Barefoot Servants found themselves eyeball deep in other artists album projects, commercial film projects, network television, and international concert touring for the next 10 years. It seemed every project from a Phil Collins world tour to HBO's hit series Deadwood intervened over the years.

Then in 2004, Ben, Lee and Jon reconvened around an unrelated studio project... and as luck would have it, those old feelings of camaraderie were still there. Enlisting ace studio musician and drummer Neal Wilkinson to round out the quartet, Barefoot Servants were re-born and back in the studio to (finally) record the follow-up to its highly regarded debut CD.

The new CD, simply titled Barefoot Servants 2, picks up where the first CD left off, but surpasses it in terms of sonic quality and song writing maturity. The Servants took full advantage of time and resources to record more than 30 songs over an 18 month period. Recorded at wunderkind Barefoot Sound Studios, "Servants 2" is a classic mixture of all of the coolest influences which have characterized the Servants individually for more than a decade.

Released by ATOM Records internationally, Barefoot Servants 2 is the best of nouveau-classic rock, presented in a trend-setting format certain to engage any listener from yesterday to today. Barefoot Servants inject a breath of fresh air into today’s music climate. Some have said they are bringing the "rock" back into rock music. That makes sense. The Servants aren't afraid to embrace the past; taking the listener to places somewhat familiar, but they still sail through uncharted waters. If you thought rock and roll was dead, Barefoot Servants will convince you otherwise. Rock is alive... and it's a little wiser and slightly pissed off at the present moment.