ATOM Artist Profile - Manny Charlton

Founding Member of Nazareth Still Going Strong

By: Scott Kinnison

Spanish born Manny Charlton grew up in Dunfermline, Scotland where in 1968 he along with Dan MaCafferty, Pete Agnew and Darrell Sweet founded the iconic rock band Nazareth, who released their first album in 1971. That same year the band toured the world opening for Deep Purple. By 1973 Nazareth began headlining their own shows.

It's been 45 years since that first Nazareth record was released and in 2016 Charlton is still going strong with a new CD on American label ATOM Records. The new 11 track recording is simply called Solo.

Solo is a diverse record, full of cool guitar tones and killer solos. Manny produced the new record, as he had done for classic Nazareth releases Hair Of The Dog and No Mean City. Hair Of The Dog ended up being Nazareth's biggest selling title, exceeding over 2 million in worldwide sales and included the hit single Love Hurts.

Solo contains five Charlton original tunes, along with three Nazareth covers (Sunshine, Expect No Mercy & May The Sunshine), a Radiohead song (Black Star), an Abba cover of S.O.S. and a strong Julie Miller ballad called All My Tears (Be Washed Away), which is sung by recent Nazareth vocalist Linton Osborne.

Probably the coolest song on Solo is the flowing and beautiful She Dances In Cordoba, which is sung by Manny's friend Randy Lopez. Cordoba is where Charlton now calls home, although he still spends time travelling the world for concerts and production projects.

And if you think Charlton may be mellowing in his later years, you'd be wrong. Solo opens with Charlton singing a Nine Inch Nails sounding, techno driven version of Nazareth's Expect No Mercy. Manny is well respected upon rock's greatest artists, folks such as Guns-n-Roses sited Charlton as an influence. So much so, Axel Rose wanted his band's initial record to be produced "by the guy who produced Hair Of The Dog."

Initial Guns-n-Roses demos for Appetite for Destruction were recorded by Charlton, but Manny had to leave the project due to touring commitments, with that record eventually being produced by Mike Clink.

If you wondering what Manny Charlton is up to today, check out Solo and look for Manny to be performing in a city near you. There's no resting for this music legend.