ATOM Artist Profile - Donal Hinely

Singer/Songwriter Donal Hinely Releases His Sixth CD… The Famous Rocket Cage

By: Scott Kinnison

Donal Hinely’s third CD, Giants, received as much praise as you could possibly expect for a recording. Americana UK gave Giants a 10 out 10 rating. Peter Ashton at Playing Out Loud UK said this concerning Giants, "One of the best albums I’ve heard this year… I can’t recommend it highly enough to lovers of pure, organic music."

Giants was released in 2005 and since then Hinely has released three discs since Giants put him on the "Americana Music Map" ... 2007's Nashville Bulletin, Blue State Boy in 2008 and 2011's The Famous Rocket Cage. The new album is Hinely's second working with ATOM Records.

The new CD starts off with the title track, The Famous Rocket Cage, and offers a theme that travels throughout the album, "It ain't where you're goin' man, it's all about the ride." Just touching on a few themes, this Nashville-based artist takes the listener on a ride through stories about sinners (Loudmouth), modern day saints (Saint Pauline), summer baseball dreams (July), & stories of lost love (When The Shouting Is Over & I Talk Too Much). Hinely is a broad artist who is isn't afraid to ask both serious and light hearted questions, almost all in the same breath; yet Hinely is smart enough to realize that he doesn't have all the answers. His musical journey is ever evolving.

Hinely was born and raised in Denton, TX and has called Nashville home since 1994. Joining Hinely on The Famous Rocket cage are bassist Viktor Krauss, drummer Tommy Perkinson, guitarist Will Kimbrough, and multi-instrumentalist and producer David Henry. Henry has produced records for folks such as REM, The Indigo Girls, Guster, Kim Richey and The Cowboy Junkies. Singer David Mead also adds background vocals to the project.

As well as being a singer/songwriter, Hinely is a practitioner of the glass harmonica.... which is a homemade set of 24 water-tuned wine glasses and brandy snifters. As a glass player he has performed for thousands of patrons at festivals and street fairs and has released three albums of instrumental glass music, in addition to his 6 acoustic-themed records.

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