Donal Hinely: Diary of a Snowflake
Label & Release Number: ATOM Records – ATOM3520
Release Year: 2020 Format(s): CD Availability: September 1, 2020


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Track List :
1) Dirty Business
2) You Call Yourself A Christian
3) Couldn’t Breathe
4) Bad Love
5) Great Again
6) Cover Your Ears
7) Needy Little Bitch
8) Wet Dog
9) When Skies Are Gray
Recorded during the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic, with the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist David Henry, Donal Hinely has made the boldest political statement of his 20 plus year musical career. Featuring the soul stirring single, Couldn’t Breathe. With Diary of a Snowflake, Hinely examines and questions the world around him and tries to make sense of today’s social and political landscapes. A timely record, for difficult times.